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The Journey of 100 Hidden Hearts


A profound program for spiritual connection with your heart, The Journey of 100 Hidden Hearts will help you discover your authentic self, and gift you with the tools to transform your life.

The protective walls you have built around your heart are the same ones that keep you imprisoned.

It is time to find the courage to live a life true to yourself, and not the life others expect of you.

You are invited to take positive action to ignite your soul, live with true joy and fully embrace who you were always created to be.

You are the change you have been looking for, and this book will guide you home to your heart, and your true self.

Dr John McSwiney the journey of 100 hidden hearts

About the Author

Dr John McSwiney is a neuroscience based coach, and author. His coaching and programs are designed to connect you with your heart so you live your best life. He has degrees in Social Science, Law and a Master of Arts and PhD in Philosophy from Monash University. He is also a certified mBIT Practitioner, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timline (Matrix) Practitioner and a Conscious Hypnosis Practitioner. Dr John’s mission is to connect every person with their heart. It is his legacy gift. 


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Journey of the Awakening Heart

When we awaken our hearts to love we start to connect to the electromagnetic field of consciousness in the Universe. Our individual and collective suffering comes to an end when we align ourselves with the constantly weaving and ever-changing universal energetic patterns and the directionality of life force energy (prana).

This book has three main objectives:

  1. Inspire readers to find love and deep inner connection within their own hearts;
  2. Find the missing connection to the Creative Intelligent Source;
  3. Enlighten readers throughout the course of the current ascension process by inspiring them to open their hearts, shed old behavioural patterns, unwanted emotions and energies that cause suffering.

An important handbook pregnant with inspirational and contemplative spiritual messages which may help readers find their inner light and awaken within a deep desire for spiritual seeking of a life with an elevated consciousness, unconditional love and deep inner awareness, beyond the shadows of void and darkness.”

About the Author

Heba first started studying Eastern philosophy at the age of 15. She was born in Victoria, Australia, lived her teenage years in Mount Liban before returning to Australia permanently in 1996. She charted her own course from the mountains of distant Lebanon through the main streets of a war-ravaged Beirut on her way to the open skies of countryside Australia and finally to mystical India. 

She studied Vedic, Hindu, Greek and Western Philosophies. She then set up a school of yoga, meditation, healing and spiritual teaching in Mildura Vic in 2016.

Heba’s collection of poems and proses was inspired by the great philosophers Rumi, Osho, Yogananda and Gibran. Her main inspiration to publish her own book was derived from her personal spiritual experiences. Meeting her twin flame and husband inspired the pair to work towards fulfilling their divine mission to establish a healing centre and inspire millions to find true everlasting fulfilment within them and surrender to life being the key to breaking from the chains that keep humanity imprisoned in a world of suffering.



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Over the Rainbow

Reflections of Love to Overcome Grief

I hope these words of gratitude and love heal you and my loss helps you.

All babies live on in our hearts and it is your choice to remember them with happiness. There is a place of peace and they are there waiting for you. It is not goodbye, you will feel them again when it is your time to go to the light. Remember them with a smile, not with sadness. You shared your life with them, feel blessed everyday having known them when they were here on Earth.

For all those who have lost fur or human babies, I understand your loss. Know your heart grows the more you love. When you are ready you will heal, smile and love again. x

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A Gift for Humanity

ONE explains food, our bodies, health, emotions, colours, your soul, Earth & our energy connection to all, most importantly messages from the greater consciousness to help humanity.

Using food as the conductor and our body as the reactive, Ilka has energetically proven that living energy is aware and shares a live consciousness with us, physical proof that positive and negative energy can be exchanged and transferred to and from different objects and places. Why everything people speak, do, think, use, apply and feel makes a worldwide effect on the planet. Why is this breakthrough important? Because it is proof we can change the world we live in for the positive by bringing light love and peace to our lives and to all living energy. Read this and know

YOU are the person who can make a difference to the Earth!

Consciousness exists with everything living. This is your new love and compassion Bible. We can change the world loving and nurturing it back to life. We are all connected we are ONE.

It all starts with an apple…



About the Author

Information to come.

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Of Heavenly Beams and Earthly Shadows

Allow the depth of woven words transport you to places within your heart and soul. Find empathetic inspiration and understanding within the aspects of the darker and deeper side of the human psyche.
Thought provoking perspectives and ethereal wonders of life are shared to view the world through different eyes. The loving eyes of a natural medium.

About the Author

KAREN is a retired drug and alcohol counsellor.
She resides with her husband Edi in Perth, Western Australia.



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Your Psychic Self

Do you get tingles, feelings, and information from holding objects?
Do you have dreams that foretell the future?
Do you wonder why you know information that you couldn’t possibly know?

We all have psychic abilities waiting to be discovered!

This unique book is a comprehensive, easy to follow manual for psychic development beginners of all ages. It is full to the brim with the essential basics and simple activities to help you:

  • Tap into your intuition and open your third eye
  • Confidently connect to your spiritual team
  • Master your seven psychic senses and how you can use them
  • Learn how to use grounding and protection and much, much more

Awaken and develop your psychic abilities to allow you to easily and confidently tune into spirit guides, universal information and get the answers you need to make difficult decisions every day. Think of the choices, careers, and opportunities you can have when you embrace your unique psychic self.

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The Darkness Around Us

A paranormal guide to understanding darkness, so you live in the light.

What are dark energy beings, and why are they here?
How do they affect us and our homes, and what to do about it?
How to recognise paranormal addiction and what to do about it?
How do we respectfully remove them from our homes,
and where do they go?

This is a handbook, like no other. I aim to educate the reader by demystifying the Dark Realm and its inhabitants. As we live in a shared environment filled with invisible energy beings, awareness of their tactics and intentions is essential for maintaining our well-being and harmonious surroundings.

You will read page after page of helpful information and more than 110 real-life experiences, which I have collected over 30 years of my personal and work-related experiences with dark energy beings. They are not as scary as you think! When you have the knowledge and clear understanding of what is out there, you improve your self-awareness and make more appropriate life decisions. You consciously choose to raise your vibration and create more positive emotions, therefore avoiding dark energy presence within yourself and your home.

Anna Schmidt author

About the Author

Anna works as a paranormal specialist, energy worker and house healer with a lifetime of experience working with the invisible realms around us. She has a kind, compassionate nature reflected in her work, and most of all, she uses a respectful approach towards assisting all energetic beings. In return, Anna witnesses paranormal experiences no other human has been allowed to see until now.


SHEN, Tommy

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Book About Dragons

Do you believe in or have you seen a dragon?

Do you believe you are a powerful dragon born to become a superhero?


Do you believe you have special powers of ALL dragons combined?

Do you believe that your parents are hiding their special powers so that they can train you to be a giant dragon with super power that you were born to be?

I DO! Because I have seen dragons, and I AM A DRAGON TOO !

DRAGONS not only live across the galaxies, they also live among us and in our HEARTS.

Since I was a little boy, I believe I am the CHOSEN ONE to help all the dragons trapped in the darkness!

I believe as long as you just flip one or pick up the book, or even just look at the cover of this book, YOU are the CHOSEN ONE TO HELP THE DRAGONS!