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Of Heavenly Beams and Earthly Shadows

Allow the depth of woven words transport you to places within your heart and soul. Find empathetic inspiration and understanding within the aspects of the darker and deeper side of the human psyche.
Thought provoking perspectives and ethereal wonders of life are shared to view the world through different eyes. The loving eyes of a natural medium.

About the Author

KAREN is a retired drug and alcohol counsellor.
She resides with her husband Edi in Perth, Western Australia.


SHEN, Tommy

Book About Dragons 

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Do you believe in or have you seen a dragon?

Do you believe you are a powerful dragon born to become a superhero?


Do you believe you have special powers of ALL dragons combined?

Do you believe that your parents are hiding their special powers so that they can train you to be a giant dragon with super power that you were born to be?

I DO! Because I have seen dragons, and I AM A DRAGON TOO !

DRAGONS not only live across the galaxies, they also live among us and in our HEARTS.

Since I was a little boy, I believe I am the CHOSEN ONE to help all the dragons trapped in the darkness!

I believe as long as you just flip one or pick up the book, or even just look at the cover of this book, YOU are the CHOSEN ONE TO HELP THE DRAGONS!

BENO, Robert

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Aligning to Aliveness

Robert Beno grew from humble beginnings to become a successful attorney. While he had an avid interest in things of a spiritual or metaphysical nature since childhood, as a young adult he entered a deep ‘soul sadness’ or ‘dark night of the soul’ that lasted over a decade; during this time he endured many successive, intense challenges. In facing his deepest fears and darkest wounds that tested the very limits of the human condition, a process of awakening unfolded, which served to bring about a deeper joy through the simple act of Being and with that joy has come inner peace.

This book is testimony to the indomitable and transcendent power of the human spirit to reconnect with Source and return home in the deepest sense. Through simple guidance and intrinsic wisdom Robert pierces the veils of illusion that appear to hold us captive to mind-based patterns and profoundly reaches into the very heart of life itself, sharing insights to inspire and empower humanity through its collective heart awakening as we each evolve into higher levels of consciousness and deeper states of love and loving kindness.

About the Author

Robert Beno has a deep love and passion for sharing insights that may serve to empower and awaken the heart of humanity to its true nature, to its innate essence as the very river of consciousness that is life itself.

Robert presently lives in Sydney, Australia

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is lovingly diverted to benevolent causes and philanthropic organisations chosen for their dedication and integrity in serving the greater good.


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A Gift for Humanity

Author Ilka Patten

ONE explains food, our bodies, health, emotions, colours, your soul, Earth & our energy connection to all, most importantly messages from the greater consciousness to help humanity.

Using food as the conductor and our body as the reactive, Ilka has energetically proven that living energy is aware and shares a live consciousness with us, physical proof that positive and negative energy can be exchanged and transferred to and from different objects and places. Why everything people speak, do, think, use, apply and feel makes a worldwide effect on the planet. Why is this breakthrough important? Because it is proof we can change the world we live in for the positive by bringing light love and peace to our lives and to all living energy. Read this and know

YOU are the person who can make a difference to the Earth!

Consciousness exists with everything living. This is your new love and compassion Bible. We can change the world loving and nurturing it back to life. We are all connected we are ONE.

It all starts with an apple…

KELLY, Dermot

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“A fascinating account of how Extraterrestrial Contact and how this phenomenon affects people’s lives and reality in so many extraordinary ways. Dermot shares with great honesty how these experiences have challenged him on multiple levels. It takes courage, to own this is happening to you in a world where most of the public struggle to even believe the UFO phenomenon is real, let alone admit to interactions with non-human intelligences. In my research over my 20+ years of research, also echo the same patterns of experiences.”

Mary Rodwell
Counsel, Hypnotherapist, Researcher and International speaker. Author of Awakening (2002) and The New Human.(2016) Principal of ACERN, Co-founder of FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.)

About the Author

Dermot Kelly is an Intuitive Empath, researcher for the truth and family man. Through years of communicating with others from around the world, he is able to provide written documentation of his personal inter-dimensional reality with extraterrestrial contact.


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Encounters with the Spirit World

Encounters with Spirit World contains many never-before-documented reports of peoples’ encounters with those who have left this life and gone to the next. Some of these accounts are inspirational and uplifting; some however are truly frightening.

What stops this book from being just another, ‘bump in the night’ , collection of ghost stories is that many of the encounters told within come from respected, professional members of the community: from doctors and police to lawyers and even an astronaut, their encounters are told here, many for the first time.


About the Author

Brett Wright was a serving Police Officer with the NSW Police Force for 15 years

He spent the majority of his time as a frontline officer where he saw and dealt with the worst that humanity has to offer. During his career, Brett was awarded the Jim Affleck trophy for bravery and the Commissioner’s Commendation for Courage. He was twice a finalist for Police Officer of the Year from the Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce.

Brett left the Police in October 2016 and began writing from the day he left. When not writing Brett spends his time hiking, taking part in running events, travelling and enjoying his favourite sport, Rugby League.