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The KGB’s Genius of Illusion

The space race started just after World War 11. It was to be an epic battle between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. World dominance and superiority was the coveted prize.
Espionage was rife.

Soviet Dimitri Azorov infiltrated into the USA. He mingled into society and influential circles with high success whilst despatching vital information on metallurgy.

Simultaneously a disgruntled former Japanese soldier attempts to sabotage several metal foundries producing exotic alloys for rocket components.


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Stories of Palastoke

The Magical Academy of Steltaria

In the country of Palastoke, where magic is utilised daily and people prosper, all aspiring wizards and witches begin their learning in the years of their thirteenth birthdays.

Astrid Mesteela is another one of these aspiring witches, eager to learn magic and prove herself in magical combat at Steltaria Junior Academy. It could not be more exciting – many new friends to make, many spells to learn, and many ways to begin her dreams of acquiring fame. Life goes as planned, but when an expensive merchant organisation arrives at the academy for business, it turns out to be related to something more sinister


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Surfa Saurus

Surfa Saurus on the move surfing to the big–wave groove!

Sid Surfa Saurus and his best friend Dally are not your usual dinosaurs – they surf. But they didn’t always.

Thousands of years ago, while being chased by meat-eaters, they ran into the ocean to escape danger and discovered the coolest lifestyle imaginable – surfing. Sid and Dally were the very first surfers on planet Earth.

What happened next, was unimaginable. The climate changed – not once, but twice!

First of all, the ice age came and their world froze. They were caught, mid-wave, inside icebergs for millions of years … One day, the world began to warm up and the icebergs melted. Sid and Dally then found themselves in a modern world full of sun, sand and yes; surfing!


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You will go, won’t you?

A telephone call ‘out of the blue’ started Bob’s 30 year career with the Red Cross and Red Crescent evaluating and providing safe water and public health projects throughout the world.

Released from his duties in local government, he undertook humanitarian missions to conflicts including the ‘Bush War’ in Uganda, Kurds fleeing Saddam Hussein in Northern Iraq, genocide in Rwanda and civil war in Sri Lanka. Other missions were to natural disasters in the Pacific Island countries, Pakistan, Myanmar and the Boxing Day Tsunami. Bob worked in Sierra Leone during the height of the Ebola outbreak.

Bob Handby’s story tells of his day to day life in the field – sad, humorous and confronting. At times facing danger and challenges, whilst working with the local people who showed incredible bravery and resilience.

When things are difficult they take a long time to fix, when they are impossible they take a little bit longer.

Bob Handby, self-published author of You will go, won't you?

About the Author

Robert (Bob) Handby is retired and lives in Port Fairy, Australia with his wife Judi. He is in demand to pass on his experience and knowledge. People are intrigued by his stories working as an aid worker in the field.

Bob was awarded the Order of Australia in 2018 in recognition of his international humanitarian work.


GRAHAM, Anthony

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Reflections of Tiny Victories


A droll memoir of an eventful life.
The author left school aged 14 to pursue a career as a professional square dance caller. Somehow, he found his way back to school and later university. He was diverted and became a jazz club promoter for a few years.

After finally completing his law degree he practised at the bar for nearly 40 years as a barrister and QC and spent 11 years as a judge
of the Family Court of Australia. Subsequently he was appointed a Professorial Fellow at Charles Darwin University and an acting judge of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

Together with an old friend the author returned to the music business when aged 60. The Rocker and the Jazzer have written over 50 songs
and their albums are available to stream. Four of their songs have been recorded in Nashville and they have also been covered by German and Dutch bands.

This is not the author’s first excursion into print. He has written two textbooks, internationally circulated articles and two published novels, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.

He is presently working on a new novel, when not playing tennis or writing songs.

About the Author

The author has practised as a barrister, QC, judge and Law Professor over a career spanning 50 years. He is also a musician and songwriter. He is the Jazzer in the Rocker & Jazzer band that has recorded a number of albums and he has co-written numerous songs that have been covered in the USA and Europe. He has written a number of published text books and his fiction, REFLECTIONS OF TINY VICTORIES, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.


Radio NOVA919

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Herbert the Dancing Horse

Herbert the Dancing Horse’s school talent show is coming up and he’s sad because he doesn’t have a special talent like the rest of his friends.
Join Herbert on his journey as he discovers everyone is unique and special in their own way.

“I’ve never read this book”
Andy Lee

“Send me the book!”
Zoe Foster Blake

“It sounds intriguing… but I’ll get my lawyers onto it”
Shaun Micallef

About the Authors

Ben was a dairy farmer in Two Wells and Liam is a Golden Grove born, uni drop out and fried chicken enthusiast. Ben & Liam are MADE for Adelaide! Join them up early, from 6am Monday to Friday on Nova 919 (or catch up on the weekly podcast!) and share your stories, hear the latest about God’s country (South Aus) and beyond!

Well what a journey that was hay (that’s a horse joke)! We hope you enjoyed it and who knows, maybe it won’t be Herbert’s last. We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this book a reality and to everyone that’s picked it up and given it a read (yeah, that’s YOU!!).

Love, Ben & Liam