ISBN 978-1-922527-58-5 PAPERBACK

The Threads of Retribution

After almost four decades, Amelia Grover receives the answer to a question she asked during her childhood; she does not remember it. It is a fulfilment of a promise made by Agrippina. Amelia must cross a series of thresholds. Dimensions bring predestination that Amelia must assume, forcing her to lose something precious.

Through Agrippina’s letter and Amelia’s tapestry, her memory tells this saga; about a house built on a white rock; first counting the sadness and happiness of the five generations that came to live in the house. Hidden are the reasons; a Mother and son must be born. They will be the descendants of a family chosen by destiny. Alondra and Kaspar Sabacio will arrive in this world with a predetermined and precise aim; to remove from the planet, its most severe scourge, religion.

That will not happen before the pieces of a message, lost during the long history of humanity, can go back to the human eyes, and thus be able to redeem the world.

Kaspar Sabacio will live a single life to the end. Throughout his journey, Kaspar wishes to be more human. Within him rages a constant battle between his human form, real essence, and purpose, especially his mother’s design. He questions his humanity and wishes to experiment with all human emotions.

This book brings reincarnations from the present, taking them to an unsuspected future. They are past living, and with them, they bring their guilt, liberation, becoming and the actions of all. The time of this story is indefinite.