ISBN 978-0-6451562-9-4

First Fly Last Fly

musings on the mundane to the miraculous

“first fly last fly” is a collection of personal musings that, in narrative and rhyme, take the reader on a powerful, evocative, event-filled literary adventure from the mundane to the miraculous, embracing along the way stories heroic, magical, mystical, improbable, murderous, masterful, comic, musical, and meditative.

About the Author

Alistair Brooks is an English-born Australian who, very early on in life, found he suffered from that serious, and not infrequently fatal, addiction known as “The Explorer’s Itch”. It is a condition that has in no way been eased by him always having been intensely curious about pretty much everything, from the seemingly mundane and tiny, to the incredible and vast, the miraculous and, far beyond, into the mysterious and the inexplicable. It is a condition that has been further spurred on by serendipity; that faculty of making providential discoveries quite by accident and, in the process, having adventure-filled opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected, fortuitous and rewarding ways. Now, even in his late-seventies, Alistair still finds he is unable, indeed wholly unwilling, to counter any of the addictive symptoms of his Explorer’s Itch. Instead, like many others who have learned to live with this totally incurable condition, he has found that writing books about his experiences, is the most satisfying and refreshing way of unburdening himself. Here then is the most recent of Alistair’s books.
His three previous titles are: Fined Four Pounds – Licence Removed (2004), About Horses of Course and Horse Humans Too (2012), Grandmother’s Thimble (2015). See the last four pages for more details on ordering and prices, which include postage and handling.