ISBN 978-0-9873575-0-2

Field of Miracles

A young Brian Jefferies had an unshakable faith in God. And it seems his career choice was God driven, taking him to places seldom traveled. As a sheep breeding consultant in demand, he rode on the “sheep’s back” to remote corners of the globe. It was in these far flung parts that he was empowered to share his faith and saw the miracle power of Jesus work time and time again. His experiences across the globe are testimony to the power of faith in a God that “is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Today, wherever a senior Brian Jefferies goes, he continues to inspire confidence in a God “that can make a way where there is no way.” In so many ways he’s still breeding sheep… but not of the natural kind. Brian’s stories are sure to encourage and make bold disciples of Christ everywhere and spark faith in a loving God in the coldest of hearts.

About the Author

Brian Jefferies is an Australian author and minister of the Gospel.

He has been involved in ministry for 60 years as a local preacher.

His new book Field of Miracles is now available.