ISBN 978-1-922337-84-9

A Stone’s Throw

Filth, and sickness proliferate in Stepney, England, in the 1830’s, where Robert Stone and his family lived.

For the husband and father, the ability to make a living and feed his family was shrinking rapidly. Then, by chance came hope, emigration to Van Diemen’s Land. It would take every ounce of bold courage, grit and determination to make the journey. Were they, Robert, Elizabeth and their off spring resourceful enough to defy the elements and challenge the unexpected in a gamble to forge a new life in a distant, desolate land? Elizabeth, embroiled in circumstances of an unforeseen, tragic loss had reservations. Finally, in desperation, the wrenched family left everyone near and dear, to join forty-six other emigrants on a long perilous journey.