ISBN 978-1-922629-27-2

There’s a Monster on my Shoulder

…there’s a Monster on my shoulder, and he’s never, ever kind. He whispers things inside my ear that scare my anxious mind…

If there was a monster on your shoulder telling you scary things would you know how to make it go away? This is a story about just that! But beware…this monster is tricky and cheeky and definitely doesn’t want to leave you alone!

Erin Joy Bernardi, self-published author of 'There's a Monster on my Shoulder'

About the Author

I am a Teacher, qualified and experienced in both Primary and Early Childhood Education. I am also a Mum. It is my experiences in these roles that compelled me to write this book. Every day I see more and more children suffering with anxiety – be that very mild or quite extreme. To some extent, everyone suffers from it in one form or another. It is particularly hard to converse about anxiety with young children and explain exactly what it is in a way that helps them understand and cope with it. My hope is that this book can be a very effective tool in doing this. I also hope that it can enhance childrens understanding of who they are at their essence. Help them know that the thoughts that circle around their minds are not them, that they are the ones aware of those thoughts and as such can exercise much more choice about them.