Ten Clubs for 27 Years - The Golden Age of the SANFL by Ben Porter

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ISBN: 978-1-922890-99-3
PAPERBACK, 400 pages, over 1,000 rare photos, every club profiled, over 400 player profiles

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10 Clubs for 27 Years

The Golden Age of the SANFL

10 Clubs for 27 Years–The Golden Age of the SANFL gives an insight into South Australia’s contribution to the much-loved sport.

In 1964 two new clubs joined the SANFL to make up ten suburban clubs–marking the start of the ‘Golden Age’ of football in this state.

South Australians seriously love their Aussie Rules football and attended the five weekly matches in droves. If the weather was kind, it was common for over 40,000 supporters to turn up and soak up the atmosphere after a hard week.

The SANFL Grand Final played in the spring was televised across the country and attracted 50,000 spectators. In fact, the 1976 classic between traditional rivals Sturt and Port Adelaide attracted an official crowd of 66,897. Many pundits indicated that around 80,000 were actually there, as the Police opened the gates and allowed spectators to sit on the grass!

This a must-read for all Australian footy enthusiasts.

“This is an amazing compilation if you love South Australian football”

Graham Cornes

Ben Porter, self-published author of 10 clubs for 27 years: the Golden Age of the SANFL

About the Author


With my dad playing in the SANFL from 1959-66, Australian Rules football dominated my young life.

Growing up in the Adelaide Hills, I played for Belair Primary School and dreamt of one day gracing the big stage. A typical Saturday during the winter months of the 70s and 80s revolved around freezing cold mornings playing against Mt Lofty up at Heathfield with frostbitten fingers as we threw ourselves around in the slush. Then it would be a rush home for a hot shower, a hotter cup of hot chocolate and then off to either Prospect, Unley or Norwood oval to stand on the terrace and barrack for my beloved team–The Roosters.

My first taste of the SANFL was in 1976 at the Glenelg oval sitting on the wooden steps of the public grandstand. By 1978 I was a regular, although my team finished last. By 1979 I was collecting the footy budgets, wearing a scarf and a duffle coat and collecting autographs after the game as the heroes who trudged off the field sweaty and covered in mud.

The SANFL stood on its own and the suburban-based competition produced its greatest era between 1964-90. I wrote this book to pay homage to the men who graced the fields every Saturday to do battle in the hope of securing the Premiership.


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EGAN, Declan

ISBN 978-1-922803-69-6

Into the Unknown

An ordinary life turned upside down in the blink of an eye

A teenage boy on the verge of becoming a young man, thrown into the unknown and forced to fight for his life. Leaving behind his family, friends and all that he knows, Akeem must fight for survival and make decisions no young boy should have to make. Who to turn to? Which path to choose? Will right or wrong prevail?

A story of courage, bravery, survival and friendship, Into The Unknown will take you on a journey of discovery and show the lengths humankind will go to in order to protect those they love.

Declan Egan self-published author of Into the Unknown

About the Author

Hailing from South Australia, Declan Egan is a 17-year-old young man with a passion for writing, history, music and world events. In his spare time, Declan enjoys writing, taking walks and spending time with his family, and has been awarded many accolades for his service to the local community. Declan’s first book, Into The Unknown, was born from a desire to explore what life might be like for a child soldier and the personal toll this would take.


LLOYD-JONES, Edwin & Laurel

ISBN 978-1-922722-55-3

The Elm Grove Story: A Mystical Journey

Edwin and Laurel were two agnostics who were bowled over by a clear, inner call that took them on a mystical adventure that proved beyond any doubt that God had a plan for their lives. This took them from suburban Sydney to the remote Snowy Mountains of NSW where they founded a spiritual retreat centre. As they struggled with disbelief and self-doubt, they experienced the awe of seeing amazing miracles unfold through daring to trust completely with open hearts and deep inner listening.

About the Author

Edwin was born in 1934 in Rhyl, North Wales. In 1960, as a musician he gained a posting with the Toronto Symphony orchestra and decided to travel through Europe, the Middle East and Australia on route to Canada. During his travels he fell ill and while recuperating in Australia he became enamoured and decided to stay. He combined his passion for music with becoming a successful business owner and he married and raised a family in Sydney, NSW. Laurel, born in Sydney in 1946, suffered a challenging family life. As a social worker she knew first-hand the difficulties that many people face in their lives and so her marriage to Edwin, along with her two children Jake and Natasha, this brought immense joy and contentment to her life. Neither Laurel nor Edwin held any strong religious convictions prior to when Laurel suffered a cardiac arrest in 1980 during major surgery. With Laurel’s amazing encounter with her Creator this brought huge change to her life and that of her family.Following a deep inner call this took them from their comfortable Sydney lifestyle to initially quite primitive living conditions in the Snowy Mountains of NSW where they founded a spiritual retreat centre. Within their deeply mystical experiences, immense workloads and early challenges, they then gifted their property in founding the charity, Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust where they welcomed and assisted all who came on a donation basis. In 1991, they formed a widely ecumenical community, the Little Followers of St. Francis and as life-professed Franciscans, they lived in deep trust and ‘by Grace’ as their vision unfolded. Their charity continues its work today.



ISBN 978-1-922629-67-8

Introducing Sustainability

A guide to creating a better world

The climate is changing, the globe is warming, the fossils are fuelling — essentially, we’re on thin ice. But what can we do to help our planet, and consequentially, ourselves?

Introducing Sustainability is a guide to help answer that question.

We explore the principles of both environmental and social sustainability — covering issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and waste — and provide readers practical actions to start living more sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

During this journey, we are reminded that our individual actions — when embraced as a collective — count. What is most important is getting started, and Introducing Sustainability was created to help you take that first step.

SCOVELL, William

ISBN 978-1-922722-92-8

Sally’s Voice

Sally has a lot of trust issues and always believes everyone is against her.

Either trying to make friends or attempting to find a soul mate, Sally will find anything to sabotage the situation.

Is Sally an unreliable narrator? Or is she just like the rest of us, overthinking every minute detail? Coupled with the voices in her head, Sally tries her hardest to find peace in her life.