ISBN 978-1-922803-00-9

Breaking Free from Sexual Barriers

What do women expect from a relationship and how can men help to achieve it?

What part does sex play in the personal relationship between partners?

How do we realistically deal with inequality, disappointments, and abuse within a relationship?

How can we improve the caring, respect, and love side of a relationship?

This is a confronting book which directs help to both women and men, who want to improve their potential to appreciate or fulfil their lives and relationships in the present, to understand how we are unconsciously influenced by the legacy of unresolved fears, negative thoughts, and disappointments from the challenges we have been exposed to in our past.

graeme andermahr breaking free from sexual barriers

About the Author

Graeme Andermahr is formerly from a retailing background in the UK and Australia, working closely with developing the potential of large diverse teams of people. Years of volunteering as a domestic violence and crisis counsellor, and private experience as a lifecoach, has enriched his intelligent, perceptive, compassionate, and unique aptitude for supporting and successfully helping people, which has led him to analyse and share his observations and thoughts in this conversational style book. Graeme is particularly concerned with helping women and men in understanding their self-perceptions and behaviours that can lead to poor communications between couples, relationship breakdown, abuse, and domestic violence.