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Plan G

Your life is your opportunity to encounter God and His intentions for you.

Plan G is the blueprint to discover God’s plan and purpose for your life. It’s worth remembering that only God can enter your life knowing your future and with the correct viewpoint. Given this foreknowledge, what we all really need is His Plan G – God’s plan – which is about His unfailing goodness to all generations and comes with an eternal, not just a lifetime, guarantee.

It’s God’s great rescue plan for His most precious creation – mankind. It’s like no other plan ever devised. It is timeless, priceless and matchless and there’s a place within it just for you. If you’ve tried plan A without success and your plan B hasn’t worked either, it’s time for you to discover Plan G: the grand design for all time; the plan for mankind from beginning to end. May God bless you and reveal His truth to you as you read about and join the dots of His marvellous plan.

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George tells the life story of George T Tilston, who experienced his fair share of trouble and sorrow in his first threescore and ten years: two world wars, a great depression and a deep recession to name a few.

On the verge of reaching his seventieth birthday he did ‘fly away’ – not off the perch exactly, but off to Perth in Western Australia – propelled by the love for his family and the promise of a new beginning.

Simon Allars Author of George

About the Author

Simon Mark Allars was born in Chester, England and now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

A former failed bank teller, often lost backpacker, tin-opening chef and communications consultant, he now works with his wife Sandra in their aged care service business.

Simon is the proud dad of three lovely daughters: Abbey, Olly and Hannah – all of whom have inherited his wacky sense of fun and love of Liverpool Football Club. He has written several manuscripts before, but George was his first in print.