ISBN 978-0-9876204-0-8

Building Resilience Through Trauma, Loss and Grief

Trauma, loss and grief affect all of us at some time. This book is based on the aftermath of personal tragedy and a father trying to come to terms with the untimely and cruel death of his young son Ben. It centers on the synthesis between resilience, change and approaching trauma, loss and grief. It is a journey that over two and a half years took twists and turns interspersed with encounters with some remarkable people and unhappily a number of insensitive bureaucracies which cemented the idea of Building Resilience.

Using the unique RELIEF framework you will be able to develop practical ways for coping and dealing with trauma, loss and grief and through applying the ‘Six Pillars of RELIEF’ to:
• Align your life to key aspects of Resilience
• Focus your Expectations on self, others and life in general
• Approach your Loss in terms of relationships, attachment, innocence and optimism
• Accept your life through Integration, change and balance
• Nurture an Environment which is supportive
• Center your Future on values, vision and goals

About the Author

Alex Brown MSc, BA (Hons) is a highly qualified specialist in organisational behaviour, psychology and facilitating change. Alex is an authentic practitioner, a dynamic consultant and an empathetic mentor. He has a proven record for collaborative work and developed the RELIEF framework and processes as an interconnected context to provide support for people experiencing trauma, loss and grief.