ISBN 978-1-922452-91-7

Bringing my Words to Light

I have so much to say, so much to put on a page, but all I see are dancing words. So, one morning I got up and decided to simply allow the words to fall on the page; and with these words I have written this book from my heart.

ISBN 978-1-922722-73-7

Five Pebbles in a Pond

It is a story of sacrifice and love.

Five exceptional women originating from diverse backgrounds meet each other at university and strike an everlasting friendship. Despite their differences in language and heritage, they become one in spirit. They name their sisterhood ‘SAKTE’, each letter representing their name.

As they struggle through life, the foundations of their friendship stand strong. Five Pebbles in a Pond is a story of a unique friendship between friends who struggle with identity, dual culture and traditional values.

It is a story inspired by true events.

Afroz Martino Author

About the Author

Afroz is the eldest daughter of the late Dr A K M Amzad Hossain Mian and Begum Firoza Hosneara Mian, born in Pabna, Bangladesh. Her parents moved her and her sister, Azmiri Mian, to Greece when Afroz was 8 years old for her father to complete his doctorate. After, they could not return to Bangladesh as civil war broke out, so they immigrated to Australia.

Afroz graduated from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Science and then worked many different jobs, travelled, and eventually pursued a career helping disadvantaged children. She married David Martino, and together they have four daughters and two grandchildren.

Writing poetry has given Afroz a sense of belonging, understanding of being a woman and is a way to make sense of her world.


A book to touch your soul. Raw experiences told from the heart. This is how it touched me when I read it. It was very powerful.

Georgina Williams

First-generation Australians will empathize with Author’s struggles between traditional cultural values and  Australian values. We were there and at the time it seemed insurmountable, now our children take pride in their multicultural backgrounds.

Josie Allocca

Such meaningful poems! Bringing my words to light took me on a journey through my own life, the struggles and what makes life what it is, unique for each and everyone of us.
Katrina Stratos

In every poem I read I felt the Author’s emotions and it touched my heart. It made me cry while reading author’s wonderful words. So touchy the whole writing in this book that’s why I loved it.

Marufa Gaffar

Afroz Martino’s beautifully written poetry collection Bringing my words to light is about her love, relationships, nature and many more aspects of life. The boldness and frankness in her writing is very rare to find. This is very enjoyable to read about Afroz’s adventurous journey of life through her poetries.

Firoz Mannan

…very beautiful… very clear… nicely organized… practical and I guess it’s a deep thoughts of every woman…


This book is a good book to read. Afroz penned her sadness, and her struggle with two different cultures and her pride and love for her family, so well, that I could feel all her emotions in this book.

Nancy Kirby